Emotions can be worth even more than the operation of a business.

Companies own or lease tangible assets such as land, commercial properties, machinery, and office equipment, all included in the financial books of businesses. But the real diamond of a brand or company is its trust, its global recognition, and the loyalty of its clients.Domain names are the foundation of the emotional attachment to your brand, and the shortest path from brand to the user’s brain. A perfect domain can make a project to win or lose. Startups with shiny names stand out in front of investor partners and VC venture capital.Tell me what’s your name, and I will tell you what is your commitment to your industry, and how far you will be able to build and keep strong emotional connections. You want a great domain name to leverage the benefits of being at the top of consumer’s minds:

  • Easier for customers to remember your brand.
  • Increases your click-through-rate and lowers your cost in marketing campaigns.
  • Provides instant recognition, and authority in your industry, while positioning you as a leader.

Emotions are the base of consumer purchasing decisions. Start with the perfect domain to build the brand equity, the emotional premium value of your brand. Catch the attention, and become memorable in a cluttered competitive market.

Are you ready to apply neuroscience with top of mind domain names? Name to Impress!

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