The cognitive process of identifying an object, a person, a brand, or a product is more complex than you think. Since we are born, we link and related all our senses to shape the subject matter to keep in memory.

Our brain is very comfortable. It does not like to think too much. The lower the energy to recall something, the faster association. The simpler, the better. 

Consumers can identify a brand or a product in many different ways. If you are able to simplify the steps to be understood and remember in just seconds, you are halfway to success.

Domain names hold an intrinsical association with what and who you are. The more simple the domain name, the lower the resistance from users to keep it in the long run.

A domain is not just a group of words. It’s the convergence of representative words, the soul, and the spirit of your identity.


We can help you understand what keywords should be incorporated in your domain name. Our experts will provide you the best advice so consumers have a straight and clear association between your business and brand.

Feel free to reach out to our team of branding experts anytime. We understand the fundamentals of cognitive association and branding impact on consumers’ behavior.

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