Our society has grown in the physical world for millions of years. Until technology arrived to our hands thanks to the smartphone. Now we are able to navigate the net, leveraging all kinds of applications and software, with a single click.
Similar to the physical world made of cities, avenues, and roads, the online business has its counterparts as well. Domains are the digital buildings where users enter from search engines and social media pathways.
We define domain names as the online real estate, but the most exclusive digital estate. There is only one property .com made of your top keywords. And herein the premium value of domain names.

Same as cities and countries implement protective policies to avoid a brand to dominate the entire circle of residential or commercial property, companies also take action by acquiring and hedging with top keyword names, related to their business category.

Remember there is a unique version of that name on the planet. You only have one opportunity to catch it before your competitor does.

Marketing professionals also apply the concept of the sales funnel, from top to bottom. From the total number of people who see an ad, to those who finally make a purchase and recommend our products.

The same happens in online business, from user interest through keyword search, to entering the website, engage, and convert according to your goals.
If you want to know more about domain names and portfolio strategy, feel free to contact our team at info@innovadomains.com.
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